About this Website


Building a website was never been a hobby or just a mere time-pass for me. Its self expression. Its publishing something you want the world to experience. Its not my first website. I have been here ages before. Made a quite lot of websites for me and my friends.

But its my first time doing a blog site. The reason what took me so long is, I hated the format and design of such sites. And I’m still pretty much addicted to a forum site. During my adolescent age, I created almost a dozen of sites of different genre. Those included from social networking to traffic boosters. All of these were created using the wapka platform.

Later I realized, what I do in wapka is nothing better than any kid could do. Then I started switching around free php web-hosts. And what comes free cannot be depended or complained. But it helped me to learn about leading forum platforms like MyBB and softwares like filezilla. I even built some phishing sites by stealing source-code from leading websites. But I never used them for harm or deception. I was just learning. I’m against hacking and any internet crimes. These criminals make our lives hard.

After the free web-hosts were no longer available for free, I paid for a reseller web-hosting plan, which was unbelievably cheaper. I built my ever time best forum site – https://postbin.in

For more than an year, the reseller – https://jumbohost.in was perfect with very minimal downtime. And I explored MyBB scripts more and more. Devoted days and days on MyBB platform, till my beloved web-host turned back. Due to some reason, they switched to some other physical servers and my site began to show serious errors. Previously it used to work with cloudflare very well, but now it doesn’t. Not even loads the page. I have escalated the issue to the web-host team and they are being silent. I understand that this is hard time for them too.

This is my fresh start. I wanted to run a forum and now ended up as a blogger. But I have to express my views to the public. My thoughts need to be expelled. Otherwise, I will be in depression.

Thanking you.

This is what our PostBin.in was like…. 😦

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