BigHack.Tk and me. How I started using Internet and Hacking.

Internet was slow and costly

When I was at my adolescent age and didn’t know what a hacker is, but was so fascinated to become one. Sounds weird, but it really happens to most of the youngsters. During my 3rd year of graduation, we had 2 weeks posting in Pariyaram Medical college. We were accommodated near to the institution, with some other para-medical students. We had quite a lot good times together. We walked, ate, slept together.

Do you know that, I got my 1st phone when I was doing my 2nd year of graduation, as a gift from my uncle. It was a Chinese phone with no name, but got cheap touch screen with big display. I was so curious about the internet, email, mms icons on my phone. I recharged for 10, 30, or 50 Rs talk time and wasted those on trying to connect to the internet.

New phone and to the world of hacking

My Nokia 2600 classic phone

After the phone was damaged, my uncle gifted me his used Nokia phone with a keypad. So when I was in Pariyaram medical college, I was using the same phone. Nearly to the end of our posting, while some chit-chat with the para-medic students, one of them (I forgot his name) showed me a modified opera browser software on his phone, which connects to internet for free with Airtel network.

Modified opera

That was a life-changer. I asked him about the whereabouts of it. He just gave me a name AirtelGuru. I searched the name on google and found the glorious

I downloaded a Modified opera browser with a handler menu from the site. Handler menu is a modification that can be added to a phone based internet software. With the use of this mod, you can bypass the fire-wall set by your network provider. Airtel was so vulnerable for this, as they had some limited free portal which lead to their online services like Airtel World. Using these handler attached opera browsers, we could reach beyond Airtel world. That means – Free Browsing.

Handler menu

Only pain was that, when Airtel sensed the leeching, they blocked the vulnerable ip portal, we were using on handlers. It happened almost every 1-4 month duration. If such thing happens, then we rely again on our dearest

Visitor to wapsite owner

I not only used the handlers in my phone, but also I propagated it. For this, I needed a wapsite like . So I signed in with , which was literally a redirection to with my name on it.

Miss you Wapka…

Meanwhile, I made some friends in – like Nilesh, a North Indian and also the proud owner of NetSick.Tk . He introduced me to . And I started designing my prestigious http://www.BigHack.Tk . Initially my wapsite was completely retarded. But Nilesh helped me to build it step by step. And I started learning xhtml language involuntarily, for being creative on wapka.

War of the tech

Other wapsites like , started gaining popularity. They did this by building sophisticated wapsites than and they constantly advertised about their wapsites, in . AirtelGuru was not built on wapka platform, but the grpshub and rulebraker were. They utilized all the power of wapka platform and gave better social networking platforms than airtelguru.

Miss you my love

For some reason, became static, with no updates. The handlers and other tricks became expired or blocked by the respective network providers. Then we had to depend on and . When I went there, I found most of the users of airtelguru and lot many others.. Me and Nilesh depended these two sites for getting latest and working tricks and handlers.

One thing I hated about these were, their sites were complicated. With our limited & slow internet connections, it took ages to load the site pages. It was merely like a nightmare. So I wanted my site BigHack.Tk to be simplistic, as our beloved . Entering my site didn’t required a registration, as in airtelguru.

Reign of my empire

When Nilesh became busy with his graduation in forestry, I started growing my online empire. At one point of time, I used to get 500 visitors per day. And I had about 5-6 staffs as sub-admins, moderators, etc. I managed to get some cool codes with a Nigerian wap admin and my friend Don Caprio of

These user stat icon codes made my site even better. I hired staffs for my wapsite and in return, I built them wapsites with free servicing and fixing.

Time of realization

Later I realized that, I was never a hacker, but a promoter of mobile network hacking. With my expertise in wapka xhtml codes, I could create any wapsite. I employed several administrative strategies to make my site on the top. But as I invented no new IPs or Reverse IPs (RIP) for handlers to bypass the firewall, my wapsite never matched with RuleBraker and GprsHub. And the tricks which I posted on my site, were mostly taken or stolen from them.

BigHack.Tk was my flagship project. I designed several other wapsites under wapka such as-

-> A Handler store – where all the type of modified softwares with handlers were available.

-> A mini facebook – which looked exactly the same version as mobile version of facebook

-> A cloud storage – for uploading personal files.

-> A traffic booster – a click based system to share traffic between sites.

So it was like an online empire. Lots of fans. I did all these using my silly Nokia phone with keypad. Actually, we all did such stuffs, with our java J2ME based keypad phones. Or some others might have used Nokia Symbian phones with keypad.


During my exams, I left my sites to my staffs. Some of them were sincere, but there were crooked ones too. Even my site got hacked by my own staff. But I had backups of all the posts. So I restored it and degraded that ugly kid to a member. And he left soon. Such things happen to most of the sites. Even RuleBraker had such an incident.

Due to the lack of time, exam pressure and neglect, I lost a lot of visitors to my site. I even got comments from many visitors saying – “well built site, but poorly maintained by its admin”. At last, I started losing my staffs too.

Simply lost it

When I understood that, I cannot post network hacking tricks every day, I converted my site to a personal site. By this time, my BigHack.Tk domain name became expired. It was due to pure negligence and I lost all my visitors.

Due to the lack of network hacking tricks, I lost new visitors and due to domain name expiry, I lost my existing users. Really funny.

One fine day, was shutdown. It was run by a nigerian man called Martin. That was the end of my wapsites too.

Where are they now?

Owner of http://www.BigHack.TK -> is Co-Admin of -> is dead, though the domain name was used by someone for some short period.

Owner of -> Mr. Himanshu Dheeraj Mishra runs -> and -> seems dead. But the domain is used by some advertizers.

The legendary Don Caprio -> runs and

My Gains

-> Friends, whom I lost later.

-> No money, as I didn’t hosted any advertisements on my sites.

-> Lots and lots of experience in site-management.

-> Learned some xhtml.

Thanking you…

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