Install MATE Desktop Envt on Mint, without removing your beautiful Cinnamon (Linux Mint)

Its a proven fact that, MATE version of Linux-Mint performs better than the CINNAMON version. If your computer is having issues with GNOME 3 based CINNAMON, then I personally recommend you to use MATE desktop inbterface (GNOME 2).

Open your terminal : Ctrl + Alt + T

Type: sudo apt-get install mint-meta-mate

Type your PASSWORD

You are done. Now exit the terminal.

Click MENU, then LOG-OUT (or press Super-Key / Windows-Key, then Log-Out)

Now aside of your login name, there will be an icon encircled.

Click on that. Now choose MATE..

Type password.

Benefits of MATE:

  • Load faster
  • Better performance
  • Works best in Low-end computers.

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