Make your sudo terminal insult you for incorrect password [Fun with Linux]

Nobody like insults. But its cool when your sudo terminal insults you, if you enter a wrong sudo password.

That is, it will insult you instead of saying ‘incorrect password’.


Open your Terminal (ctrl + alt + T)

Type Code:
sudo visudo

A new terminal will open up.

There will be 3 Defaults listed

Underneath it add this Code:
Defaults       Insults

Now close this window by pressing Ctrl + X

Before closing it will ask to save changes.

Now hit Y and then ENTER.

You are done.

To Test…

Open Terminal

Type Code:
sudo -k

This will log you out from the terminal session.

Now type anything that need a sudo password

Foreg: sudo get-apt update and hit ENTER

Then type incorrect passwords.

Now you will feel the big difference.

Its FUN. Do it...

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