Check your Email address compromised or not, with FireFox Monitor

We login to many unknown websites, using our email id & password. Often such websites may be built for deception & data stealing. Or else such sites will be poorly maintained and lacks minimum security requirements.

You must know that hackers are not targeting a single website to hoist their flag. They primarily hunt for the servers, where huge number of websites are hosted.

These compromised servers will be providing our credentials like email id, password, banking id, etc, which we have entered in the sites.

Most of us will be using these sites just once or twice in a lifetime & we forget, where we entered our credentials. I have also committed this sort of negligence numerous times.

Hence the reason we never realize, that a website we logged in before is hacked or not.

What to be done…

Here is the Firefox’s one-stop-solution -> Firefox Monitor

Use the below link on your browser,

Now enter your email id in the box provided.

Wait for 3-5 secs to complete the scan. See the results.

Cool Additional features…

1. Alert to new breaches –
Just signup for email alert notification to new breaches

2. Monitor unlimited emails –
You can monitor as many as number of emails. No restrictions imposed.

What to be done if data breach found…

Few steps you can take immediately to protect your account and limit the damage.

1. Change your password. Use a stong password.

2. Do not use same password for different accounts/ websites.

3. Use a Password manager. I recommend -> Firefox Lockwise android app.

4. Use Google and Microsoft authenticators for extra protection. It enables 2 factor authentication.

5. Contact the Bank & Police, if financial data breach occurred.

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