Deal with Pain on Testis followed by Errection of Penis (esp. with gf) – Blue Balls syndrome

I’d like to disclose that I had this issue. So I did my research and found the solution. After my marriage, the pain vanished.

Erection happens on many occasions, but the testicular pain mentioned above happens especially when you are around your girl friend. Especially when you are just kissing or cuddling her and not doing a sexual intercourse. The pain suddenly develops on your one or both testicles and may radiate to lower abdomen, for usually around 15 minutes to 2 hours. Even while i was talking stuffs to my girl, I experienced this.

On other occasions like while watching a porn movie, it never happened. That sounds weird right?

Relax, its totally normal

Guys, this is not a big issue. Cool down. Its just another fuckin natural phenomenon. Most of the boys who can be easily aroused, experience this. But most of them hesitate to disclose what they have.

But some guys need to stand up, and that’s why I’m here with the subject.

The Real Reason..

When you are talking stuffs to your gf or kissing or cuddling her, you get aroused and there will be increased secretion of semen inside your testis. As you are not doing intercourse or other ejaculation methods like masturbation, the pressure inside the testicles increases and lead to acute pain. And later the pain radiates towards the lower abdominal muscles. Its just that simple, but it aches like hell..

Kindly do not avoid your girl for this, who knows nothing about such stuffs. Its hard to get good partner these days.

Slang and Tech terms for it

Epididymal Hypertension a.k.a “Blue Balls” is a testicular aching that occurs as a result of blood being accumulated or retained in the male’s genitals after prolonged sexual arousal and is not dispersed by an orgasm. The term is thought to have originated in the United States, first appearing in 1916.

Best Remedies

  1. Masturbate before the pain starts (the best option).
  2. Prostrate Massasge
  3. Explain everything to your gf (no need to be shy)
  4. Ask her to do an oral sex / intercource, if possible (I dont like anal. LOL..)
  5. If pain is due to irritation of some nerve, try Tab. Neurobion Forte (Do not forget that only your doctor can find it and prescribe any drugs).
  6. After marriage, it will reduce. Don’t worry.

The holocaust

I know some guys who consulted doctors for this. And the docs advised Ultrasonography (USG scan) and found nothing. FOOLS..!

Surprisingly, some doctors even conducted surgeries, stating that the condition is TORSION OF TESTIS.
Bigger FOOLS!


Torsion of testis is a serious condition. It happens when the spermatic cord twists, cutting off the testicle’s blood supply. There will be severe pain and enlargement and discolouration of testis. If surgery is not done immediately, may lead to

  • Testicular infarction
  • Scrotal abscess
  • Gangrene of testis
  • Recurrence
  • Chronic epididymitis

So differential identification of bath cases is very important.

And torsion of testis is not associated to your girl friend.

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