Use of outdated or non-reputed browsers risks your online security

There are huge number of Browsers available online. But if you don’t use a browser that is not updated, you are exposed to hacking. Same happens, if you choose an unbranded browser.

My advice will be to use only the well-reputed browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, etc. Also please do not forget to update your browsers regularly. Software companies release security updates, when they detect security flaws.

Check your browser here…

I’m here to share a website that will show you the competence of your browser on security aspects.


If the site says NO to your browser, better dump it as soon as possible.

The Website will show you,

1. TLS version (if good- should be 1.3)

2. TLS Compression (if good- avoid information leak)

3. Ephemeral Key Support (if good- protection against snoopers, including global passive adversaries)

4. Session Ticket Support (if good- TLS connections made more easily)

5. BEAST Vulnerability (The BEAST attack is only possible against clients using TLS 1.0)

6. Insecure Cipher Suites (if doesn’t – known to be insecure.)

Overall your browser should score good for all Six.

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