United Kingdom – Job visa processing for Nurses – Steps Explained

Take down these steps one by one. Do not try to rush on to multiple steps simultaneously.

If you have already completed any step, then skip to next.

1. Clear IELTS / OET.

I found it better to approach an IELTS / OET coaching centre for atleast 1 month duration, rather than an online coaching course.

For OET, you need B grade for all modules.
For IELTS Academic , you need 7 – for Reading, Listening, Speaking and 6.5 – for Writing.

For a medical professional OET is the better option, as the test has something to relate with Medical practice.
I tried IELTS – 4 times for being qualified for UK. I never attempted for OET, as I was not oriented to it.

I went to Manjoorans Institute, Ernakulam for IELTS coaching (1 month). Fees 10000 – 15000 Rs.

Coaching centres are helpful in cutting down your stage fright (esp for Speaking Module) and orienting to IELTS exam. They will give you enough study sessions and materials to prepare.
The rest is all up to you.

IELTS Academic Exam will cost you about 13000 Rs. But this is refundable after your reach UK.

2. Contact a well reputed recruiting agency

I suggest you to Contact only a reputed recruiting agency who are experts of UK processing.

I recommend you to Walsons Healthcare Private Limited. For your information, I do not have any affiliation to this agency. I had to give the name of an agency for this article and I just decided it to be Walsons, who are good in this field. But there are lot others too.

Web – https://walsonshealthcare.com/ – You will get the contact details from here. Or else, msg me / reply here.

Kerala government has started recruitment directly. But I think, as they have just started doing it, will be lacking enough expertise to solve any issues arising or answering to our queries. We know how the govt officers behave to their clients when questions are asked. So we cannot risk our future.

As we have Walsons whom do not charge extra for anything, choosing any other option will make nothing better.

3. Clear CBT Exam

CBT (Computer Based Test) – You must give 13,000 Rs for this test (give it to agency). Its refundable after you reach UK.

CBT used to be a tough examination when it was initially introduced. But as the 95% of CBT questions are repeated from previous CBT exams, you can tackle it down easily. You need 60% correct answers from a total of 120 questions. Also you need right answers for 90% of Critical Scenario Quests. The number of Critical Scenario Quests are unknown. I assume it to be less than 10. You have 4hrs time to complete the exam. The time is a lot more than enough. I completed my exam within 2 hours.

Only prepare on previous CBT questions. Nothing else. If your agency is Walsons, they will provide you these. Also Walsons has a Telegram group, where you can ask your doubts to experts. The Exam will be conducted in Pearson View Exam centers. The agency will book your exam to the nearest available center. During examination you will be under Camera & Microphone surveillance.

This exam is so simple. Ask your agent to get the quickest schedule possible. With just 2 days of preparation, I nailed it.

4. Get Police Clearance Test (PCC)

Go to Passport Seva Online.

Get appoinment for PCC from your nearest Passport Seva Kendra.

On the day of appointment, carry your printed PCC application and Passport. You will get your PCC during your appointment. It is valid for only 3 months.

Will cost you around 500 Rs. Occurence of any error during the online registration, will loose your money. I lost my 500 Rs once.

5. Do NMC Registration

Do not attempt to do this your own. Because NMC registration can only be done once. Walsons will do this, on your behalf.
For the NMC registration you need to pay 14,000 Rs (150 Euros). After NMC registration, you will get your NMC Candidate number.

6. Send Verification forms to UK.

Verification forms will be sent to you by your agency. There are 3 verification forms,

A. NMC Overseas Registration – Form to Accompany Transcript of Training

Give the form to your Educational institution, along with your Transcript certificate copy (collect it from your college). The Principal of your institution should attest on all pages of your Transcript copy. And the Verification form will be filled by the Principal. Both the documents will be put in an envelope which will be sealed. For this, I paid 2000 Rs to my College.

B. NMC Overseas Registration – Supporting Declaration of Good Health

This form is to be filled by a Medical Practitioner with MBBS degree or MD in General Medicine. No other specialties allowed. Also this doctor should not be employed in the hospital you are working/worked.

Put this into an A4 sized envelope.

C. NMC Overseas Registration – Registration Authority Verification

You need to approach your state nursing council for this. In my case, I went to KNMC (Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council).

Along with this form, I gave them – Copy of KNMC registration certificate, Copy of Tenth Marklist, Copy of Experience Certificate.
Paid a DD of 2000 Rs to the KNMC.

KNMC wont handover the form back to you. They will send it directly to UK. It takes approxomately 40 days to process your request by KNMC.

You may enquire KNMC on these numbers – +914712774105 or 04712774105

Procedure for sending the – Form to Accompany Transcript of Training & Supporting Declaration of Good Health

Now you have these 2 envelopes in your hand.

Write this address on both the envelopes,

NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council)
Overseas Registrations Dept
23 Portland Place
Ph: +442073339333
Web : www.nmc-uk.org

Put these 2 envelopes to a Single Large envelope. Seal the opening of envelope with an insulation tape / gum.
Write the same address on the top of this envelope.

Now approach DHL courrier agency (use google map to find the nearest) and send. I used BlueDart DHL (Choosing DHL is important). It will reach there within 4 days. Use the tracking number received to track it.

Sending these documents via DHL made me pay around 4150 Rs.

DL (Decision Letter) will come within 30 to 40 days.

7. Attend Interview

Your agency will inform you when an Interview is available. It might be either direct or skype interview.

You may choose among NHS Hospitals and Nursing Care Homes. Salary package offered by both are similar. But NHS hospitals offer better other facilities.
Hence its better to choose NHS.
But one thing I recommend while choosing hospital is, to avoid those situated close to big cities. Or else the expenses will be high, though they might offer you some special allowances.

Interviews are simple. They will ask you about different clinical scenarios. The interviewers will be friendly and you need to be confident. Doesn’t matter a lot even if your answers are not so accurate. But should avoid pure blunders.

Nothing to worry about the difficulty in understanding the UK english accent. Most probably one of the interviewer will be an Indian. He / She will repeat the question, if required.

After one or two days, the agent will congratulate for your success in interview.

8. Get Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)

As per the requirement of the Hospital you have applied, your agent will send you some documents such as Character references, Professional references, Rental docs, etc. These documents will vary from Hospital to Hospital.

Also the Hospital may ask you to submit a Vaccination Card. Here is how to prepare a Vaccination Card

After completing it send it back to your agent. He / She will verify it and will send it to your UK Hospital.

Your agent will send you the COS, which is actually issued by your recruiting hospital.

Now you are sponsored by your hospital, for the Visa application. Take a print out of it.

9. Qualify IELTS UKVI – Academic test
(as per the new update, this is not required)

For getting Job visa in UK, you need to attend this test. Even if you have cleared IELTS Academic or OET with high scores, you need to appear for IELTS UKVI Academic test. Its an unnecessary requirement set by the UK government. We cannot do anything about it.

Do not worry about it.

The score required for qualifying UKVI is -> 4.5 for Speaking, Writing, Listening & Reading.
You will get it easily.

The UKVI exam is the same version of IELTS Academic exam. Hence those who preferred OET over IELTS in 1st step may experience a slight difficulty. But I advice them to go blindly to the test room, as getting a 4.5 score is very simple.

The IELTS UKVI Academic test will cost you around 18500 Rs.

Better opt for the Australian version (IDP), for getting the results quickly.

10. Tuberculosis test

Tb test is mandatory for UK visa, if you are residing or traveling from India. May be the UK govt has classified India as an endemic region for Tb. If you are from any gulf nation, this may not be required. Please consult with your agent.

Tb test can only be done from UK approved institutions. Your agent will give you the list of the approved ones.
Always choose the institutions where you can walk in and do the test at the same day. Anyway, you will be getting the TB certification on the next day.

Do not forget to call the institution before you go. They will tell you what you need to bring during the test day. Of course you will need to take your passport with you.

They will do Health history collection and an Xray. If the Xray is normal, you do not have to sit for any other tests. On the next day you will get the Tb certificate.

The test will cost you around 3000 Rs.

Do remember to check for any human errors made on the certificate they have provided.

Here is where I have done mine (in Bangalore),

Elbit Medical Diagnostic Ltd
1 & 1 1/2 Indian Express Building
Queens Road
Bangalore – 560001
Ph – 080 40570000, 080 41132461

You may stay in Hotels near to Majestic or Kalashyapalayam. Elbit is just 30 mins away from there.
Use Google Map or Map My India app for navigation.

I strongly recommend to use OLA or UBER cabs instead of Autorikshaws, as I have lost a lot of money.

11. Pay for International Health Surcharge and Visa

Both of these will be refunded to you when you reach UK, by the hospital (confirm this with your agent).

International Health Surcharge for 3 years will cost you – 107,124 Rs.

Uk Tier 2 Visa for 3 years will cost you – 41,421 Rs.

Altogether – around 1,50,000 Rs.

Arrange the money and send it to the agent. Or pay online by yourself, which I wont recommend.

Please note that the currency transfer rates are subjected to change. You may need to pay more than 1,50,000 Rs depending on this.

Also note that occasionally there might be a delay in sending the money to UK, due to some server issues. It tool 4 days for my money to be successfully transferred to UK. My agent told me that this is OK and it happens.

IHS will send you OTP (One Time Pin) to your email. You should forward this mail to your agent. Do not worry, we can trust Walsons.

12. Apply for UK Visa

Your agent will give you an online application form to fill. Fill as much as you can and your agent will fill the rest.

Please not that do not press the submit button or continue button at the end. Because if you do this, your agent may not be able to edit the document afterwards (I did this, LOL). And he may have to resubmit the application.

13. Appear before VFS Global Visa Application Centre

This is a UK based service. Your agent will tell you the date. Be there on time.

You need to carry,

1. Application Form
2. Certificate of Sponsorship
3. Decision Letter from NMC
4. TB Report
5. Original passport
6. CBT Pass proof
7. Police Clearance Certificate
8. IELTS UKVI Test Result or TRF
9. Offer letter from Hospital

You will get your visa after 15 working days – if you have applied for Standard Visa Processing.

You will get your visa after 5 working days – if you have applied for Fast track Visa Processing. But you may have to pay 20,000 Rs exra for doing this.

14. Book your flight ticket

Tell your agent regarding your preferred Airport or book a flight by yourselves and fly.

Upto 50,000 Rs of the flight cost will be refunded by the hospital. Please confirm it with your agent.

Thank you.

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