Exclusive free offer to all our wordpress.com followers

Greetings from PostBoard.in

Background: Most of the blogs hosted under wordpress.com looks ugly on a computer, as they lack the professional touch of a website. The sole reason for this is because the blog admins are not so efficient in choosing and executing features available on this platform. Another cause is, the admins are writing and reading blogs on their smartphone, with the wordpress reader app. So they don’t feel the difference. Here’s the importance of our offer to our beloved followers. Anyone who follows us is eligible for this free offer.

Exclusive offer for you: We are ready to design your wordpress.com blog to a website with professional touch. Its a limited time, free-of-cost offer. Additionally, we will give you tutorials to make your posts and pages attractive. 

What we expect in return: Nothing much. We will be displaying our design credit link (https://postboard.in) anywhere in your site. Also we will be displaying your site link on our website, to showcase our quality of work. So its moreover like traffic sharing.

One last thing: We are not spammers. As we are blog enthusiasts, we are here to spread the blog revolution. Your privacy is safe with us.

To join us: Click here -> https://postboard.in/join-us/ or https://postboard.in/contact/

About us: https://postboard.in/about/

Our Vision: Likes nature and humanity beyond the boundaries of – national, religious, caste, sex labels.

Our Mission: Freelance blogging for Self-expression, Techy-tutorials, Artistic-expressions, Infotainment, and Misc…

Regards from: ManuRahim (Co-admin of PostBoard.in)

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