Create professional quality website with for free

Creating a website with is not rocket science. It’s the simplest when compared to other available methods. Though you can do this with your smartphone, we recommend to use a computer. Here’s the step by step tutorial.

Step 1
Go to and signup. Now follow the procedures given below.

Click on Start Now.

Step 2
Choose your domain.
Domains are the identity of your website. For eg: Our wordpress domain is is a paid domain. But wordpress gives you the liberty to use a sub-domain for free.
Our free wordpress sub-domain is
A paid domain and wordpress sub-domain works the same. But a paid domain will be short and easy to remember. I pay 15GBP/year for the domain.
If you prefer to make your site completely free, choose only the sub-domain. Here is how to do it.

WordPress allows us to make free sub-domain with 3 words. Like PostBoardHome or ChatBoardHome. Choose your name wisely and select the free sub-domain from the list.

Step 3
Select free plan or paid plan
It’s completely okay to opt for a free plan from wordpress. But if you pick paid plans, it has its own benefits. Like no advertisements, more storage options, social media connectivity, etc.
For your info, a site like can run full fledged, on a free plan. But we are using the personal plan, only due to the reason that we hate advertisements.
Now here’s how to select a free plan,

Click on Start with a free plan

Step 4
Your site is created
Wow you own a website now. Its that simple.

Step 5
Launch your site

Your site is created, but its not launched. For making it launched to the public,

Click on Launch my site.

Step 6
Confirm to skip purchase of domain

WordPress may ask you to purchase a paid domain for one more time. But if you are happy with your wordpress free sub-domain, click Skip purchase.

Step 7
Confirm to continue with free plan

Again for one last time, wordpress may ask you to purchase a paid plan. But if you are happy with free plan, click Continue with free plan.

Step 6 & 7 are the last attempts to make you pay. Business tricks…

Congratulations, your site is available for public now. Greetings from

Now you have a website with professional quality capabilities. But how you customise it or which theme you prefer, truly determines its professional nature. Kindly read our other threads such as customisation or designing your website to that professional level..

Note: Also we offer our support in designing your website, once you have created your website. For this its mandatory that you should join our whatsapp group and follow us on wordpress.

For more details,

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