Add free widgets to your website (tutorial) offers so many useful widgets ready to be deployed to your site.

What are widgets?

Widgets are used to add particular features and functionality to your site, with or without the use of any html code. It makes the site easier to use and adds beauty. For eg: look at the right side column of this website. You can see – Categories, Recent posts, Top posts, etc. If you look at the bottom portion of this site (footer), you will see – Follow button, Stats, etc. Each of these are what we call widgets.

Position of the widget

Ability to position each widgets, depends upon the capability of the theme you chose. For eg, not all themes available in allows you to have a right sided column. Some themes allow an extra widget space above the site logo. So choose themes wisely.
Here are our recommended free themes for ->

Check the available widget positions in your chosen theme

1. Login to your website.
2. Click on My Sites, located at the top left corner of your website.
3. Click on Customise theme.
4. Click on Widgets, located at left panel.
5. Now you will be seeing the locations available for widgets in your selected theme.
For eg, mine says – Sidebar and Footer sidebar. These are the 2 positions available for widgets, in my current theme.

Add widgets

Follow above mentioned steps 1 -5.
6. Click on your preferred location to add widgets. For eg: Sidebar
7. Click on Add a widget.
8. Now you will see a decent amount of widgets offered by our dearest
9. Choose the widgets you need and add it.
10. If your chosen widget is not longer required, there is an option to remove it.

Add custom html widget

11. Among the list of widgets you might find – Custom html.
12. Choose it to add your own html codes, if you are creative.
13. Custom html will give you the liberty to add widgets those are outside the list of wordpress.

For eg: Here is the tutorial for adding social network account links with respective icons for your website ->

The default widget for doing this – Social icons doesn’t have icons like whatsapp, instagram, youtube, etc. So its always good to use a custom html code, for this. Additionally, you can choose your preferred icons.

Must have widgets for your site

1. Categories
2. Top Posts & Pages
3. Recent Posts
4. Blog Stats
5. Follow Button
6. Follow Blog

Widgets to avoid

1. Gravatar
2. Internet defence league

Both of them are cool widgets. But sadly it contains Mixed Content, which will make your site insecure for your visitors.
To know more regarding mixed content ->

As of now, both of them has security holes. Through a simple update the threat can be patched. So expecting that the respective owners and wordpress will rectify it soon.

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