Adding a chat page for free to your website (tutorial)

You might have noticed that, now we have a chat page.
If you haven’t, here’s the link ->
So lets see how to do this. not so helpful doesn’t offer an inbuilt chat or forum page to its users. If they provided it, I was ready to pay them some extra for my website. So the only method we have is to embed a chat provider’s page to your website. Embed means to take a portion of some other website to our website. The picture of chat session given above is the embedded portion from a different website viz – .

About chat provider

The provider’s name is ->
It is a free chat service, with no advertisements. The chat ui is simple and easily configurable. To support the movement you may donate, if you like. Here is the link for donation ->

Why shouldn’t we use the widget for

It is always better to host an embedded content on a separate page. It helps in faster page loads and the widget space can be saved. Good for eyes.

How to add chat to a page?

1. Login to your website.
2. Click on My Sites, located on top left corner of your website.
3. Click on Pages.
4. Click on Add new page.
5. Give name to the page (for eg: Chat).

Now you have created a page called Chat.
Add this page link to a menu created for easy access form homepage or any page.
How to create a Menu -> (tutorial will be added soon).

6. Now go to ->
7. In the box provided, type your channel name.

Be careful, the channel name you entered must not be owned by others. For eg: you cannot own the channel PostBoard, as it is already owned by me.

8. After you enter the channel, at top right, click on the speech bubble.

9. You will be asked to login with your facebook or twitter account.
8. After successful login, you will see your facebook or twitter profile pic, aside of the speech bubble mentioned before.
9. Click again on the speech bubble.
10. You will see – Become moderator. Click on it.

If you don’t see the option, the channel you chose is pre-owned. So try changing the name of your channel.

If you were successful in becoming a moderator, the channel is yours. Congrats.

Note: At the moment you can only be moderator of 1 channel per twitter or facebook account. In case you want to switch to another channel, click the speech bubble and then the “Resign as moderator” button. Now you’re free to claim another one.

Becoming the moderator of a channel is on a “first come, first served” basis. Although reserves the right to remove your moderator status at any time.

Embed your channel to site

1. Go to your chat page created before.
2. Click on Edit.
3. Click on More blocks or Plus sign.

4. Scroll down the blocks and find – Widgets.

5. In widget block, you will find – Shortcode.

6. Now paste the following code.

[tlkio channel=YOUR CHANNEL NAME HERE height=800]

7. Edit the code to add your channel name instead of YOUR CHANNEL NAME HERE.

For eg: for postboard’s chat page, we use ->

[tlkio channel=postboard height=800]



I can’t see the “Become moderator” button. In this case, make sure these 4 conditions are met:

  1. The channel doesn’t already have an existing moderator. Only 1 moderator per channel is allowed.
  2. You are logged in with Twitter or Facebook.
  3. You don’t have other rooms that you are moderator of. Only 1 channel per account is allowed.
  4. The channel is not active. Meaning there are currently no messages in the chat. You have to wait up to 10 minutes for old messages to be removed.

If you forgot your channel name

In case you became moderator of a channel, but later you don’t remember the channel name, do the following.

  1. Sign in with Twitter, on any other channel.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right.
  3. There you should see a link under “Your channels”.

Thats it. Thank you.

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