Tried to SCAM an ex-hacker.

I currently live in UK. And once upon a time I had an alliance with a scambaiting network. Let’s move on to “what happened today”.

Received a call today, from a girl claiming her to be from BT customer care. Told me that, there were malicious activity happening through my connection. Her name was Jessica (of course not real). Her accent was Indian. Because I’m an Indian and I made her to speak in our national language Hindi.

This is her number 07434876815 (reported this number to BT and action fraud). I asked her to tell my address and name. But she was wrong about my name and address.

She asked me, if I’m having a Windows PC or Windows mobile. When I told her that, I have a Linux laptop and Android phone, she wanted me to download an app from the play store – “Any Desk Remote Control”, to stop the malicious activity.

Then I introduced myself as an ex-hacker (long time ago) and told her that I know all such stuffs about such scams. Then her tone changed.

Told me that she is a 3rd year student and needs 100 dollars for her poor family. I told her to do some actual job rather than scamming people. Then I disconnected her call. I spoke to her about 8 minutes, such a waste of time. Luckily my phone and money are safe.

So be aware my friend.

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