Muslim woman beat to death for the accusation of burning Quran

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Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27 year old muslim woman, who just finished her degree in religious studies, was wrongly accused for burning Quran, and later publicly mob lynched. The brutal incident happened in Kabul, Afghanistan on 19th of March 2015.

The police initially tried to guard her, but was soon outnumbered by the huge crowd. They had to witness the savagery till her body was openly put on fire.

She was savagely beaten and killed after allegedly arguing with an islamic preist who falsely accused her for the crime. Two days after the killing, the police and Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs declared Farkhunda innocent, that she had not burnt quran.

Her murder lead to mass protests those addressed the lack of women rights in Afghanistan. A memorial to her has been built in Kabul.

My request

Please don’t call me Islamophobic. Phobia is any unconditional fear to something. Nobody is afraid of whatever religion you belong to. But it’s worthwhile to be phobic towards religious maniacs.

It’s better that any holy book be burnt, than killing someone like this.

When people are blind, humanity is something to be laughed at…

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