Add YouTube Videos to your post with your WordPress Mobile App

WordPress is an easier platform to write posts when we use it on a PC. The variety of blocks aka content types, made available, contributes to its article friendly nature. But its sad that its smartphone counter-part is not that client friendly, when it comes to the number of block types it support.

Especially for this one – the most demanding “YouTube video embeding block”.

I have been asked many times, by my beloved clients, to solve this issue. For your disappointment, “Yes, I do agree that WordPress mobile app does lack a Youtube Video Block”.

But I have a simple work around to solve this issue.

Here is how I do it..

Open a New Blog Post on your mobile app.

Click on Add Block or that small blue icon seen above your keyboard.

Now you will be seeing a variety of Blocks or Content types available.

Click on Shortcode or this icon [/]

Now add this code in the box,


For eg: [youbube]

And you are done.

Happy Christmas guys.

By Manu Rahim aka Manu Pulayan

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