Install software with (.)bundle extension on Ubuntu / Mint

Step :1 – Download and open in folder

Download the software first.

Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T).

If you have downloaded the software in your Downloads folder, you need to guide the terminal to there.

for that type this code,

cd Downloads

Here the correct usage of upper and lower character alphabets are very important.

For eg: if you type “cd downloads”, with small ‘d’, it wont work.

If your dowloaded .bundle file is somewhere else, it will be easier for you, if you move it to Downloads folder.

Now the folder is open in terminal.

Step : 2 – Make the file executable

Copy the file name of target file including the .bundle extension, using your file manager.

For eg: VMware-Player-16.1.1-17801498.x86_64.bundle

In order to make the .bundle file executable, type the following in termianal.


For eg: chmod a+x VMware-Player-16.1.1-17801498.x86_64.bundle

Now your bundle file is executable and can be run as a program.

Step : 3 – Run the bundle file now



For eg: sudo ./VMware-Player-16.1.1-17801498.x86_64.bundle

Its done. The software will be installed to your system.

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