Install Kali Linux on VMware virtual machine

Download VMware workstation pro & Kali Linux.

The following links will be helpful.

For downloading VMware,

For downloading Kali Linux,

After installing your VMware,

Click on Create a new Virtual machine.

Next screen will ask Typical or Custom.

Click on Typical.

Click Next.

Next window will ask to locate iso file.

Click on Installer disc image file and browse the downloaded Kali linux iso image.

You will find it probably in your downloads folder.

Click Next.

Click on Linux.

On the same window,

Change Ubuntu to Other Linux 5.x and later kernel 64-bit (expecting your Pc as 64 bit architecture).

Click Next.

On next window, Change the name to Kali Linux (optional).

Click Next.

Next screen will ask how much disk space to be allotted for kali linux.

Enter 50.0

Click Next.

Click on Customize hardware.

Set memory to 4GB.

Click on Network Adapter NAT.

Check if its NAT selected on the new window.

Now click on Close.

Click on Finish.

Click on Power on.

After Kali loads up, it will guide you to set up the installation interface. Use Graphical interphase.

Now select your language, keyboard set up, region, etc.

Also it will ask you to create a password at some point of time. Be sure to remember the password you have created, for the future use.

Next is partitioning.

Use Guided partitioning.

Click on Guided – use entire disk.

Click Continue for the next few windows.

When you see above screen, Click on Yes.

Click Continue.

Now you will see the installation screen.

After a while you will be asked to choose the desktop interface.

You may choose xfce or gnome.

I prefer xfce, as its less resource hungry.

Click continue.

You will see the installation screen again.

Click continue for next few screens.

And the installation will be completed.

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