Metasploit – Help menu – For quick reference.

Core Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
?             Help menu
banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
cd            Change the current working directory
color         Toggle color
connect       Communicate with a host
debug         Display information useful for debugging
exit          Exit the console
features      Display the list of not yet released features that can be opted in to
get           Gets the value of a context-specific variable
getg          Gets the value of a global variable
grep          Grep the output of another command
help          Help menu
history       Show command history
load          Load a framework plugin
quit          Exit the console
repeat        Repeat a list of commands
route         Route traffic through a session
save          Saves the active datastores
sessions      Dump session listings and display information about sessions
set           Sets a context-specific variable to a value
setg          Sets a global variable to a value
sleep         Do nothing for the specified number of seconds
spool         Write console output into a file as well the screen
threads       View and manipulate background threads
tips          Show a list of useful productivity tips
unload        Unload a framework plugin
unset         Unsets one or more context-specific variables
unsetg        Unsets one or more global variables
version       Show the framework and console library version numbers

Module Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
advanced      Displays advanced options for one or more modules
back          Move back from the current context
clearm        Clear the module stack
favorite      Add module(s) to the list of favorite modules
info          Displays information about one or more modules
listm         List the module stack
loadpath      Searches for and loads modules from a path
options       Displays global options or for one or more modules
popm          Pops the latest module off the stack and makes it active
previous      Sets the previously loaded module as the current module
pushm         Pushes the active or list of modules onto the module stack
reload_all    Reloads all modules from all defined module paths
search        Searches module names and descriptions
show          Displays modules of a given type, or all modules
use           Interact with a module by name or search term/index

Job Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
handler       Start a payload handler as job
jobs          Displays and manages jobs
kill          Kill a job
rename_job    Rename a job

Resource Script Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
makerc        Save commands entered since start to a file
resource      Run the commands stored in a file

Database Backend Commands

Command           Description
-------           -----------
analyze           Analyze database information about a specific address or address range
db_connect        Connect to an existing data service
db_disconnect     Disconnect from the current data service
db_export         Export a file containing the contents of the database
db_import         Import a scan result file (filetype will be auto-detected)
db_nmap           Executes nmap and records the output automatically
db_rebuild_cache  Rebuilds the database-stored module cache (deprecated)
db_remove         Remove the saved data service entry
db_save           Save the current data service connection as the default to reconnect on startup
db_status         Show the current data service status
hosts             List all hosts in the database
loot              List all loot in the database
notes             List all notes in the database
services          List all services in the database
vulns             List all vulnerabilities in the database
workspace         Switch between database workspaces

Credentials Backend Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
creds         List all credentials in the database

Developer Commands

Command       Description
-------       -----------
edit          Edit the current module or a file with the preferred editor
irb           Open an interactive Ruby shell in the current context
log           Display framework.log paged to the end if possible
pry           Open the Pry debugger on the current module or Framework
reload_lib    Reload Ruby library files from specified paths
time          Time how long it takes to run a particular command


msfconsole is the primary interface to Metasploit Framework. There is quite a
lot that needs go here, please be patient and keep an eye on this space!

Building ranges and lists

Many commands and options that take a list of things can use ranges to avoid
having to manually list each desired thing. All ranges are inclusive.

Ranges of IDs

Commands that take a list of IDs can use ranges to help. Individual IDs must be
separated by a , (no space allowed) and ranges can be expressed with either
- or ...

Ranges of IPs

There are several ways to specify ranges of IP addresses that can be mixed
together. The first way is a list of IPs separated by just a (ASCII space),
with an optional ,. The next way is two complete IP addresses in the form of
specifications may also be used, however the whole address must be given to
Metasploit like and not 127/8, contrary to the RFC.
Additionally, a netmask can be used in conjunction with a domain name to
dynamically resolve which block to target. All these methods work for both IPv4
and IPv6 addresses. IPv4 addresses can also be specified with special octet
ranges from the NMAP target specification


Terminate the first sessions:

sessions -k 1

Stop some extra running jobs:

jobs -k 2-6,7,8,11..15

Check a set of IP addresses:

check, 127.0.0-2.1-4,15

Target a set of IPv6 hosts:

set RHOSTS fe80::3990:0000/110, ::1-::f0f0

Target a block from a resolved domain name:

set RHOSTS www.example.test/24

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