Parrot os not printing with HP printer. [solved]

I recently switched my OS from Ubuntu to Parrot OS, with the intention of looking more into cyber security.

Well Parrot os isn’t beginner friendly, as Ubuntu or Linux Mint is…

Keeping that on mind, i had run into few issues with the Parrot.

First Thing First – Download HPlip

HPlip- delivered by HP, includes the drivers and software to connect your computer with the printer.

Go to Synaptic manager and search for HPlip -> mark it for installation -> apply changes.

And HPlip will be installed. It wont be the latest one, but will work.

Now you may open HPlip.

Error showing printer busy offline or not connected.

The issue of printer saying ‘busy, not connected or offline’ was solved by installing ‘avahi-utils’ through ‘synaptic package manager ‘.

Error with cups or gathering printer information.

But still my printer was unable to print. whenever I tried to print, it showed, ‘gathering printer information’

This was fixed by cups.

Install cups from synaptic package manager, then on terminal type..

service cups start

Then open your browser and type following in address bar,


Login to it and choose your HP printer model and choose the ppd file.

If you are having trouble to find a ppd file,

Download HPlip for debian from HP website, extract it or open it.
Go to the ppd folder and find the ppd file matching to your HP printer model.

And that’s fixed.


Parrot OS is not for beginners. Only be ready for parrot, if you are committed to it… It may not be easy for everyone to fix such errors.

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