General Introduction and Purpose

01. PostBoard.in is a not-for-profit, voluntary project. Hence its completely free of cost & free of advertisements.

02. We provide you infotainment, as well as a space to keep your important writings on social media or anywhere else.

03. Social media dump other’s scum over your precious work, but we will preserve it for you, forever.

04. All your writings or works will be created under your name and preferred weblink.

05. We dont kave any intention in stealing the credit you deserve.

06. Later on, you may post postboard links on social media.

07. Altogether, what we do is – the works made by you and people like you are beautifully indexed before the world.

Note – Its completely free of cost. But your writings or art, sent to us, will be monitored before publishing.


Co-Admin of PostBoard.in

Professionally a nurse, working in United Kingdom. Expertized in html based web-designing. Supporter of ethical hacking. Likes nature and humanity beyond national, religious, caste, sex labels.

Our History

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