General Rules

01. The 1st and formost rule is that- “We Don’t Have Much Rules”.

02. You are adults and don’t require our patronisation.

03. Use your sense and avert from those activities those badly affect the site’s reputation.

04. Recommended age to use our board is 18 or above.

05. Spam seriously not allowed.

06. Pornography or any such links, not allowed.

07. You cannot advertise your site or personal links, except to those areas where permitted.

08. Hacking software, viruses, malwares, Black hat techniques, other than general introduction – seriously not entertained.

09. Posting wrong information in the wrong section, is not allowed.

10. Dont be rude to other members. Still healthy debates are encouraged.

11. This space is not for delicate minded or pampering loved individuals.

12. If you discriminate, we will discriminate you.

13. You are not a kid anymore, act like an adult.


01. To hackers, kindly do not try to hack this project. Because ours is a non-profit, voluntary organisation.

02. Despite the mental pleasure in taking us down, you wont get anything productive.

03. Kindly understand that, besides for identification purpose in our site, we do not use your E-mail or IP address, for any other reason.

04. And we do not sell your credentials to any 3rd party organisations.

05. You must rekon, usage of our project is completely according to your free will, and we cant be held responsible for any damage caused.

06. Be accountable for what you do here. We have no part to play in that.

Thank you for your co-operation.